Sunday, February 6, 2011

Extremism, Moderation or the Real Islam?

Extremism and moderation are the two words we hear a lot these days in the news. People are beginning to refer two shades of Islam, extremist Islam and moderate Islam, but the question still remains which of these two are the real Islam?

Is Islam just about some bearded men trying to enforce Shariah in an area by hook or by crook? If that is the case, Allah could have done that long ago because He is the utmost power who can enforce every human being alive on earth to follow His religion but no, this wasn’t the case, God gave us human beings enough brains to realize what’s right and what’s wrong and therefore forced acceptance of religion is an irrational concept of a religion. Even if we look at the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ‘s life, we never saw him lifting a sword if someone refused to pray or if someone refused to accept Islam, all the wars fought in his era were about self defence because Islam is a total religion of peace and doesn’t resort to gaining it after war, but believes in living in harmony and avoiding wars.

Is Islam about abandoning Hijab (the Islam veil) like we saw in Turkey just because it doesn’t fit with the so called Modern age and the so-called liberalism factor? Is Islam about blowing up yourself just because some one doesn’t agree with your point of view as we see in sectarian violence? All this under the banner of Islam which means peace? Is it about doing all the stuff you like in Islam but never stopping yourself from doing the things it condemns, because it world affect your life?

Is Islam about keeping your women uneducated because you think they would go astray even though the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: “It is obligatory on every Muslim man and women to acquire education” or is Islam about being biological Muslims not knowing anything about your origins and being just Muslims because we have Muslim names?

The Islam I know was sent as a mercy to mankind. The Islam I know obeys Muslims to be the best in character and in morals even to innocent non Muslims so that they may realize that indeed this is the path to success and tranquility. The Islam I know grants blessings to people who make others smile through right means.

The Islam I know asks its believers to fight for what’s right and against injustice, not with your own Muslim brothers and sisters. The Islam I know teaches to bow down in complete surrender in front of the one who gave us unlimited blessings because only He is worthy of it. The Islam I know gives respect and liberty to women like no other system in the world, keeps them in the veil because they are precious like treasures which are kept safe in treasure chests.

What a beautiful religion we have, and what a terrible lie we have turn it into. A prominent English scholar once said:

“Islam is the best religion, Muslims are the worst followers”

We need faithful Muslims today who are strong in there words and in there actions. We don’t want Osama Bin Ladens to destroy our amazing religion anymore. We don’t follow a religion of force, but a religion of education, morals and the best leaders in the world.
Stand up and prove it through your deeds!

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