Sunday, February 27, 2011

The world as i see it..:)

As I walked between the gardens today, contemplating about everything in general, I had a question in my mind. Why is it that our lives are so distorted? Why we don’t seem to find peace in our minds and in our hearts?
Everywhere around the world lies a hopeless situation. Some people are crying over unemployment, some over love, some over pain and some people are simply being oppressed. There is not a single home where one would find eternal happiness, everyone is depressed and restless.
As I wondered all about this, I realized that perhaps being scientifically developed humans; we often neglect the little facts behind problems and try to think over much larger solutions. Perhaps, we are not trying to find peace through smaller acts. We invest huge fortunes in trying to find a good night’s sleep when all we needed to do was to say some kind words to a child and find serenity within us from seeing him smile.
All we needed to do was to bow in front of God to ask for mercy and feel his love within us, instead of trying to find fake love over distances. Perhaps we have forgotten our values which enabled us to lift the one who falls, to help the one who’s distressed and to feel the pain of the oppressed. The candles which should provide warmth to all the unsheltered has disappeared from our soul which make us feel lonely in spite of living in mansions because we have forgotten the blessing of sharing.
We try to find relaxation in loud deafening music, when all our soul wants to hear is the music played by the wind, the sound of the rustling of the leaves of the trees and the sensation of the waves crashing the rocks. We have made ourselves to believe that the mortal humanity is marvelous when we see large buildings and artificial joy when we should have praised the architect who has made us perfect and unique. Why have we become so indifferent to our responsibilities in the world? To help one another in this time of crisis.
Unless we contribute a part of ourselves towards spreading love and harmony in the world, we ourselves will destroy our inner souls along with our mortal body and die the death of a cruel man unconcerned of the miserable people around us.
“Where are you, Oh hope in the midst of darkness? Life in the valley of death and peace in the world of war?, The world needs you, The world calls you”

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