Saturday, March 12, 2011

Library Mania

Just a couple of months ago, if someone asked me,"Man, how do you study in the library? Its just impossible !". My reply used to be,"Don't be stupid ! That's the right place with right kinda atmosphere to study." But now I've realized this fact in the past couple of weeks about what actually was the logic behind such statements.

We all enter in the library with an absolute intention to study, well, no other intention is possible anyway. But here's what happens to me in the library.

Having entered the library, the very first mission is to get a suitable seat which usually ends up being the one next to a good friend. Saying 'Hi' and taking out books and stuff eat up the initial 15 minutes. Then after finally settling down, just when the books get opened, everything else in the world suddenly feels so appealing. As a result, the mind stops working and starts sending messages to other body parts to do the same. It reminds the stomach about the time it last had some food in it, it reminds the eyes about the time they last slept. And just when its finished convincing all the body parts, it shuts down with the message 'Immediate break needed'.

While having the break, time passes like a jet plane. The intended 5 minutes break turns into 50 minutes and we don't get the slightest idea about where did the time go.

Well, after coming back and settling down once again, the conclusion drawn turns out to be that the mood to study has gone out to roam about a bit, till then lets use a bit of FACEBOOK. In the mean time some friend cracks a joke in a whisper and a series of laughter starts which goes on and on.

Then suddenly the librarian knocks his table like a Bollywood movie judge and says 'Time to close the Library !'.

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