Saturday, March 12, 2011

My way of staying happy !

One thing that can never be bought with wealth, yet easiest to get.. Yeah ! I'm talking about happiness. It's all around you only if you let your senses evaluate your surroundings in the best possible way.

In the past few days I've observed the factors which lead me to inherent happiness. These factors might sound stupid but that's just what I've observed.

  • Avoid people who make you feel bad and join the ones who become a source of smile on your face.
  • Do what your heart says and do it just at the right time.
  • Observe the beauty hidden deep down inside every simple and small thing (even if its a lizard).
  • Nothing is unethical as long as it gives you inherent happiness. (This unethical does not include anything outside the scope of cultural values set by your society)
  • Do a regular session of INTRA-PERSONAL COMMUNICATION, just to find out what it is you really want. 
  • Set the goals which really motivate you 
These few steps are working quite fine for me and I hope they will keep helping me in staying happy. Cheers ! 


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