Saturday, March 12, 2011

There is magic in the BLUE

There is something extremely fascinating, overly enchanting and magically mysterious about the blue world. Fascinating is the color of water, enchanting is the sparkling reflection of Sun on the roaring waves that never seem to get tired and mysterious are the depths of the blue.

Fortunate nature adorers like me can never get enough of the sound of waves, cool breezes of moist air, walking on the wet sand, color of water which keeps changing as the Sun moves on. Everything enchanting the already enchanted adorer even more !!

There is always something new in the blue, waiting to make me wonder, to make me adore it even more, to make me never wanna leave.

Each tide gives my soul a new wave of freshness, washes away all the disturbing memories of this world.

Watching the blue till the limit of sight gives a sense of infinity, a sense of freedom. Freedom to conquer the impossible.

These never ending tides inspire my conscience, makes it wanna have all the attributes the tides have, makes it wanna have such a determination which never gets hampered no matter what consequences it has to face.

Here are some of the memories of the magical blue infinity I never wanted to let go of:

Refreshing Sight !

Sparkling Waves

Reflection of the Sun

Colors of the Sea

A complete sense of Freedom

A sense of Infinity

Exquisite !


  1. Sigh! There is so much potential. If only they make a pier and a walkway with coconuts and tropical flowers. This could be one of the nicest beaches.