Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bitter Experiment

A Bitter Experiment

To attend a boring class.


Hot/cold weather, class room, strict teacher, pin drop silence, a boring topic (420 9211 1.C)


A boring class is one in which you have to listen patiently to a topic which cannot be understood. Extra talking, activities such as hooting, singing, talking or other past times are not possible.


There are few procedures one can adopt to kill time of above mentioned class. A wonderful use of pencil and paper, which give benefits to the students, because the teacher thinks that he/she is busy with work while he/she is actually drawing different sketches, flowers. One can even write letters making use of pencil and paper.


1.It is essential to look at the black board from time to time posing to be very interested in the lecture.
2.Nodding your head is also helpful.
3.Always select the last seat.
4.Dozing is prohibited.
5.Avoid “Yawning” which can irritate the teacher.
6.Always have your books or note book open in front of you.


  1. Ahh boring classes are really bad as hell. But still i hate being a last bencher so no matter how boring it is i still sit in the front and answer as much of the questions as posibble. great tips by the way i really know ppl who are in desperate need of these tips : )

  2. Lol thanks for the comment dear and i love to be a back bencher because I hate answering every question ...:)