Sunday, April 17, 2011



This is worth reading for all the fresh and upcoming high school graduates who are looking forward to college admissions. Well guys, I know you have had all the fun at high school but now it’s the time to get serious. College admission would be your first step to a new beginning with unlimited horizons.  First thing first is that you select the field in which you would like to peruse your career in and then list out the best colleges offering the relevant subjects for that field. The list should be in sequence of the priority you give to each college. Now, based on those priority preferences, apply respectively to each college along with a personal essay to convince the admissions committee of the college that you are the deserving candidate to be admitted. As the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available in colleges every season, therefore, many applicants are denied college admissions. Submitting an impressive college admission essay as part of college admission application provides an opportunity to the applicants to proof their legitimacy and credibility for college admission which can’t be identified through their previous academic grades and extracurricular activities’ performances alone.  Since, on the basis of college admission essay, an applicant will be granted or denied college admission, it is very important for the applicant to put all his best efforts in writing such essay. 

I can tell you three simple but very important steps for writing an effective college admission essay that will take you right in to the corridors of your preferred college. 

1.     Brainstorming:
Bring about whatever you have learned and experienced so far in your life. Your likes and dislikes, plus points and minus points, experiences, accomplishments, knowledge, goals, etc. Read some sample college admission essays to give a kick start to your thinking process. Decide the subject about which you are very comfortable to talk about. The essay can start right from your child hood, progress with your growth and end with your ambition indicating your determination and enthusiasm to achieve your target and make your future bright.

2.     Essay Writing:
Now, give words to your thoughts in a sequence starting from a catchy introduction which makes the reader interested to read further like the good trailer of a movie persuades you to watch it. Be yourself by being original. Support your essay with your real time experiences, most importantly those who has brought the change in your personality. Discuss your role model. Transit smoothly from introduction to body and then finally to conclusion. Conclude your essay by making a final impact on the reader.


3.     Revise:
Revise your essay a couple of times to make the necessary editions and then get it revised by some teacher.  

I will end my topic here with the hope that the above article would benefit my targeted reader i.e., the applicant seeking college admissions. Good Luck.


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