Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfect Daily Health Routine...for a more cheerful n happy energetic life

What else could be better than to write about health...all the points mentioned here are known merely by all of us but we just refuse to follow and blame it on other petty things(in front of health we can consider everything petty i guess!!!)but from this moment please promise yourself to put in more efforts to make it work..because our families want us healthy and our children want us forever in their lives to see them achieve..okay that way pretty long ha!so here goes the perfect health routine one should daily follow to achieve that state of being in peak health, line-less face that glows radiantly , bright eyes that offer a window of your extraordinary vitality...

1.Wake up early preferable before or at sunrise(5.00-6.30 am)it is considered that sattva is in air at its   maximum in this time and it is the most fresh and pure time of a y not reap some benefit of it 

2.Make it a habit of drinking 1-1.5 lit of lukewarm water after rising up..this will boost up your metabolism

3.Eliminate-it is very important to eliminate all the wastes from the colon and bladder, if not you are poisoning yourself.

4.Exercise-indulge yourself in a 30 min walk or do yoga or some aerobic exercise or any kind of physical exercise u prefer.

5.Plan your day-treat yourself with a 15-30 min silent session (which we can call meditation) to plan the day..this planning helps you from avoiding stress and makes you to live the day better and in long run avoids all the mental problems and heart related problems..

6.Breakfast-Eat breakfast king size..i mean very heavy.this is the time your metabolism is high so you can have it heavy.Make it a point to take 1 apple(or any fruit you wish)+ 1 cup milk + 2 almonds soaked in water the previous day + 1 spoon kismis or dried grapes(this brings shine to the skin)


  1. great tips. Meditation can really help in de-stressing one's body and mind but still many people are unaware of it. That breakfast part reminded me of mom who on a regular basis gives me a long lecture on the advantages of breakfast but thts sweet cuz breakfast is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle.

  2. lol mom is always right so be a good girl and take healthy breakfast..:)