Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I Love and Hate about Karachi

Things I love about Karachi:


Obviously, sea is the only feature which makes Karachi distinct from all other cities in Pakistan. It is the only city to be blessed with such exquisite, breath-taking locations. A place where Karachiites can go and refresh themselves. A place where they can go and leave behind all the stress of their busy schedules. This is hands-down the top most reason why I love this city.

Winter Season:

Winters in Karachi rock. The only reason being that it brings the perfect kinda temperature, neither so cold nor hot. People neither get stuck in their houses shivering down their spines nor do they sweat and stink like in blazing heat in summers. Winters just give me a good mood, keep me cool. That's enough reason for me to fall in love with this season.


Man ! What else a person who enjoys buying could wish for. Karachi has all what a person could possibly want. For house-hold stuff there are Makro and Metro. For anything else there are just uncountable malls so many of which are still left to be explored by me.


Shahra-e-Faisal can be a dream for drivers (when its not crowded). Drive as fast as you want and cops are too busy with their own business to come and chase you. All the Flyovers are awesome too and the one I love is KPT interchange, specially when it sparkles with all the lighting at the night time, simply amazing !


Of course, how could I leave this reason out. People of this city simply rock. They're simple, friendly and so innocent. They never show off the way many insecure people do (at least most of them). They will never make you feel bad and even if the do, they'll smooth things up using their extra-ordinary ability known as 'humour' before you even know it. You guys rock !

Things I hate about Karachi:

Stupidly disgusting red stains:

These red stains are found almost everywhere in this city. There is no road, wall, pavement or anything (including one of my friends) left who's not got shot yet.

Crowded local buses:

What would you expect from your day when you get a start with a full bus and all you get is a little space on the enter/exit opening of the bus to hang on to. This city needs some immediate transport revolution.

Wall Chalking And Advertisements/Slogans:(From Kiran)

The wall chalking part in the hate list as well because its so disgusting to see our walls covered with stupid advertisements n slogans. and the amount of litter we throw on seaside is unbearable.


  1. I want to add the wall chalking part in the hate list as well cuz its so disgusting to see our walls covered with stupid advertisments n slogans. and the amount of litter we throw on seaside is unbearable. but still..Khi rocks: )

  2. Hahah right and specially the political slogans just hate it ..

  3. added..:) and thanks for the comment..:)

  4. You forgot the street food that only karachi offers. Like exotic starfruit and almonds outside gulf mall.I was born in KHI and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for this post.

  5. Oh ya of course i just love it..:)