Friday, April 22, 2011

Truth is stranger than fiction??

I find the weirdest things to be thought provoking..While returning home yesterday I read this phrase on the rear shield of a car, and I've been thinking about it ever since..Never mind what exact words made up that phrase,'cause living in Karachi Ive learned alot of people don't even give a damn about what grammar or posture are they composing their statements upon *rolls eyes*..In simple and comprehend-able words,it meant 'Truth Is Stranger In Fiction'..he he yeah make up what you think the Pakistani version of this statement would be :P..
Anyway,I have been thinking about it ever since and I am surprised indeed..Surprised over the fact that how much do we tend to live on assumptions and make believe just because we doubt that we really want to face the reality.

Don't agree with me? I can totally prove it.. lets take up a very recent epidemic common among girls all around..:P Yeah the 'Edward Cullen' mania..(lol) Don't give dirty stares girls..Sure i really liked him too but it was no heads-over-heels things..Its a good,romantic,FICTIONAL book which has all these fictional characters..In my opinion all the girls actually going crazy about this vampire is because they're not very satisfied with their own boyfriends or love life or whatever..Its just like an easy escape from reality..I'm saying that 'cause that's how it is for me..Oh and if you're nodding your head right now...You're just stubborn..:P

Imagination and Fiction seem reality while they last, and sometimes don't we all wish that it would never end? - Alfred Tennyson.

ALL of us like the escape to fiction,to avoid the reality,to avoid the truth.Oh,and this time the Y-chromosomes creatures are in too..:P if you're still nodding your heads in disagreement..well you are stubborn :P but i want you to get a bite of this..WHY in world are all of us so in for all movie like Transformers and Star Wars etc..if you're coming up with words like 'Megan Fox' and ' wicked action sequence ' get the hell outta here!!

I doubt any body over here would say they've never made up imaginary friends..Its a part of every kid's childhood to make up a friend who always wants to play whatever they want to,who always looks up to them and always gets along with whatever they want to do..:) there's nothing wrong with that..but have you ever thought why you made up those friends?? the answer is quote simple, its either because you had a lonely childhood,like being an only kid or having no siblings close to your age or if you had many friends and siblings close to your age its because they didn't along with you very well or if they did they weren't around all the time like you wanted.

So basically the point is,do all seek refuge in fiction to escape reality even if it is for a few minutes or hours??..Because I think its a fact,TRUTH IS MORE UNWANTED,THAN FICTION.


  1. Ahan u are very right in saying that we seek refuge in fiction mostly. But what we have to understand is that fiction will never turn into reality so being into fiction isnt bad but mxing it with reality is quiet a problem.great post : )

  2. Agree with you girl you get it right...:)