Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to enhance your Movie-Watching experience !

Watching movies is one of the best ways to utilize leisure time. In particular those movies which are thought provoking and a treat to your visual senses. The best way to enjoy movies is to realize the actual purpose behind their creation --- that is to have a good time. Movies can be a real treat when someone stops being judgmental and turns the 'fun mode' on.

Its true, some movies can get really really painful and its just impossible to tolerate such movies for more than a couple of minutes. Some movies just don't make any sense and they're straightly directed toward the audience of quite a similar kind --- which don't make any sense.

My theory regarding a good movie is somewhat like this:
  • Movies which ultimately leave you in a satisfying mood.
  • Movies which touch your emotions and you start caring for the characters.
  • Movies which are evaluated by your own senses as 'GOOD'.
If this criteria is met, why ever listen to those stupid critics then. The only job those stupid critics can do is to spoil your movie watching experience. Thank God I never followed those mentally retarded people, otherwise right now I too would be one of those cognitively lost and pessimist guys who have unfortunately lost their ability to see the bright side. All they can do is criticizing, criticizing and criticizing.

The fact that nothing on Earth is perfect or flawless can never be denied, it all depends upon how you evaluate it. You can even mess your own life up just by pointing out all the negative aspects of it, it all depends upon how you look at it. Just these two factors, perception and attitude, can lead you to happiness only if you have the ability to use them for your own good.

Well, lets get back to movies.Now if a simple movie guy watches a scene from an average movie which just makes him feel good, he will be satisfied with it.And at the same time, if a psycho critic (who's favorite hobby is to take out flaws from the darkest of the depths) watches the same scene, all he will do is he'll ignore the emotions emanating from the screen and drive his thoughts toward all the retarded flaws which are naturally prone to be there in everything.

Now my theory for enjoying movies:
  • Ignore stupid critics who will completely spoil the movie for you and beware ! They'll drive your thoughts to the 'restricted' area.
  • Appreciate a movie if it makes you feel good.
  • Watch it, enjoy it, have a good time and ultimately forget it if you want to. Don't be a super-hero who's on a mission to make this world a place for flawless movies.
Hope you have a great time watching your favorite movies. Cheers !


  1. Nice.Cool.
    I have watched all the movies in the poster.
    Have you watched Da vinci Code,Digital fortress,and Shutter Island ?
    I loved this post,Btw. Cause I believe in the same.

  2. hey hamza thanks buddy for your comment and I watch digital fortress and shutter Island quite good movies..

  3. i cudnt comprehend lord of the rings, matrix, harry potter, they cudnt register in me or move me in anyway...u dont think there is really something wrong with me or there is a way to see it to enjoy it which i definitely dont know abt yet... i tried watching them for almost all guys and even gals were recommending it... but seriously i cidnt gulp it...and then there are movies like the dark knight... which someone had to pull me in the theatre for and i told them if i dont like it i will need my money back and i was glued to the screen... unable to tear myself even after it had ended ..:) i always feel i have hell of a taste in everything... but i still wonder wat cud be adding to my no liking for movies like lord of the rings... or matrix :) is it like i am really missing soemthing cuz i dont feel it yet...