Saturday, May 14, 2011

Learn to draw a cartoon Dog

1. First Imagine in your mind that what kind of dog you wish to draw.. Puppy Dogs? Dogs with bone?  In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to draw a cute dog..

2. Step two: draw a circle using a pencil. No need to use the term, 'it was just practice.

3. Step three: Draw a vertical and horizontal lines as shown. You will determine the direction where the dog is facing. In this picture the dog is facing to the left.

4. Step four: Create a small circle again.

5. Step Five: Make 2 small dots next to the circle again that earlier.

6. Step six: Create a sphere as the nose and give two small dots as eyes.


7. Step seven: Fix some details. Fill color of the nose, form the dog's mouth.

8. Step eight: After the picture was beginning to look his sketches continue to draw detailed outline, and ear hairs. The eyes are rounded out.

9. Step nine: Once the sketch so, can you make bold outline with a marker or pen drawing. Try a waterproof. To use a simple drawing a thick outline above 0.5. This step is also called tracing.

10. Step Ten: Remove scratches pencil used to draw sketches. How? Already satisfied are you? If not satisfied, we go to the next step.

11. Step eleventh; Image was scanned and then in color with a computer. My advice, paint the base color first. Software that is used in this case is Adobe Photoshop.

12. Step Twelve: After determining the direction of light, you can create shading. In this picture the light comes from above.

  13. Thirteenth Step; [oops ... ya unlucky number, so do not shit I make one step back later]. Clean lines are still dirty earlier.

14. Fourteenth Step: Bring images you create with the background. For convenience, place the background on the layer below the dog pictures with Photoshop. Done  

For me art is without rules. Any way *) is not a problem. The important thing is keep practicing and experimenting. Good luck 

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