Sunday, May 22, 2011

There was a time..

There was a time when everything felt like a source of smile...

There was a time when the slightest of humor made you laugh like crazy..

There was a time when nothing could penetrate the walls of your emotional stability..

There was a time when could laugh, sing and scream without any limitations..

There was a time when even the most depressing stuff could be let go without a second thought..

The only thing bad about that time was it's temporariness.. Why couldn't it stay for a bit longer!

And now there's time when everything feels to be caving in upon you..

Now there's time when your existence is given the least of attention..

Now there's time when you crave for freedom..

But the only good thing about this time is it's temporariness.. this too will go!

1 comment:

  1. That's life.But I believe that it's our paradigms about things and events that make them Sad or blissful.Having the ability of altering your perceptions according to the time can make our entire life,FUN.
    Nice Post,v.v nice.