Saturday, June 4, 2011

Futile Weekend

A famous person once said; "You're either very creative or very disastrous when you're not you".

Now who could that famous person possibly be...

Doesn't ring a bell???

Okay, fine! I just made it up!

I came back to my blog because... seriously, I had nothing else to do. I could study, but that would do nothing but annoy me some more. I could watch movies, but I've had enough already (*impossible!*), I could listen to some music but that didn't contain me either.

Well, lets just talk about this crazy thing called 'Weekend' then. I've been giving this thing a significant proportion of my 'Recommended Daily Allowance' of thoughts lately.

What is a weekend? Now in the language of law, "that is a question of fact". For some, it is no different that a weekday, as it was for me a couple of months ago. However for some, it could mean coming back to life after having a robotic week.

Right now, I have this kind of 'strategy'. To make the most of the weekend! But you know, international fluctuations in the oil prices do affect the extent of fun a person can have.

So ultimately I'm just stuck here on Weekend doing nothing but writing this blog while I should be out partying or checking out some movie at the cinema.

Now, how could a weekend be put to use in its entirety?

Maybe by meeting old friends. But that won't work if they're busy shifting places or studying or watching Football! (:D)

So, after writing another useless blog post and without reaching a consensus, I'm gonna go and think of some new ways of making the most of the weekend.

*Watching some more of HOUSE...*

*Reading some already-read book...*


  1. OMG...its been 7 days since i m on vaccations n i havent watched HOUSE..thx for reminding me :)

  2. It's Friday, the weekend, we gonna have fun <-- listen to that song :p