Monday, June 13, 2011

No More Guarantees

"In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule."
~Friedrich Nietzsche

We are falling a part. From where we have started falling is very difficult to say but we are falling a part. There are no more guarantees anymore by anyone. Once we have left the vicinity of our homes, we are not sure that we will make it to our families by the time of dinner. Government has tried everything it can but only promises are made which won’t see the day light. But how our government can be of any help when they themselves have an axe to grind?

When coalition governments are formed, it is expected that they are formed on the basis of national interests. In Pakistan however, the present coalition was formed on personal interests rather than political or national. And therefore, every now and then, the news and possibility of government coming to an end is on the horizon.

The excitement doesn’t end here. These political parties will counter each other on every platform. This may include arming there student wings present in our educational institutions or backing a bandit who is willing to do their bid. This backing will even result in grooming of a new bandit to counter the old one being supported by their rivals. It is either gang-wars or so called target killings which will primarily target and terrorize  Pashtun people working in small tea dhabas (local restaurant) or our Muhajir population. 

The death of Wali Khan Babar . He started working for Rung T.V. and was currently a reporter on GEO T.V. He was murdered while reporting from Liaquatabad (Karachi).  It has been reported that he was intercepted, identified and shot at closed range in his car. He received five 9mm bullets in his forehead, jaw and neck.

Why was he killed? Some think that while reporting he was snooping too deep. He might have known too much and could have known the names of people involved in the gang-wars and their political backing. Some are saying that he was murdered because he was a Pashtun.

In the end, political parties blamed each other, twenty seven people were killed on the pretext of target killing, partial curfew was imposed in some parts of the Karachi, operation continues and so does the madness.

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