Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Definitions

It includes unlimited edibles which vary in tastes. By some people it is also referred to as the only reason why they're alive.

A place where every student goes for the purpose of having fun, dating and killing time. This place is also used for studies but that scenario is rare.

A thing which is used by a person when he runs out of sleeping pills. It can also be used for killing time.

Facebook: A social networking site where you can update as many status's as you want, upload as many pics as you want and share as many videos as you want. You might also get some comments as a response. This site is also used for playing FarmVille and many other games as well.

Comment: A response over an activity. Such activities include: status updates, pics, videos, links etc.

Vampires: These are totally gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning creatures which feed themselves on blood of other creatures. A modified and obviously better version of vampires sparkle/glitter when they're exposed to sunlight. Their eyes also change color, for example, they become coal black when they're thirsty. Following are the types of vampires: 

1. Bad Vampires: They feed themselves on the blood of humans. They are equally breathtaking but they have blood-red colored eyes. Example of such vampires may be Victoria, her friends and her army of newborn vampires.

2. Vegetarian Vampires: They feed themselves on the blood of animals. Their eyes change colors ranging from beautiful shades of gold to coal black. Example of such vampires may be the Cullen clan and some others.

Music: Specialized sound waves of various kinds which can throw human beings listening to them in various moods. These sounds range from being awesome (Atif, Linkin Park etc) to disgusting (Himesh Reshamiya).

Movies: These are a combination of motion picture and sound waves. These have almost all the attributes of music. These also range from being awesome (Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Harry Potter etc) to disgusting (Radio, Team - The Force etc).

Teacher: A respectable person who sings the best lullaby in town. He has the ability to control you adrenaline rush and turn it into a wave of drowsiness.

Comic books: Story books with lots of pictures in it. These books have all the attributes of being focused at audience of age group 7-10 years but these are read by the age group 11-?.

ICAP: Institute of Can't-Pass-Module-C Accountants of Pakistan. Its an institute which leaves no stone unturned in making sure that its students keep visiting it every 6 months for a substantial part of their lives.

A show where half-naked men act like they're fighting each other. A fact regarding this phenomenon is still unknown i.e. what actually is the reason behind GUYS watching it. (Spooky !)

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  1. cool definitions. u should contact oxford or webster maybe, if they refuse then go make your own dictonary cuz i am sure younsters wld love to have it by their side rather then boring personal fav was teacher,ICAP n music :)