Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I Did Not Vote

My reasons for not voting in the election, and probably for future elections include the similarity of the two candidates, my unwillingness to consent to government violation of my natural rights, and the fact that democracy does not make sense.

Expanding the government whether for social programs or security violates individuals natural rights. Social programs relies on government robbery of individuals' property. Security relies on government restrictions on individuals' life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Expanding war in both cases does not achieve government's purpose. Government is supposed to protect the natural rights of the individuals residing within its boundaries. Peace keeping missions does not accomplish this. Peace keeping missions attempts to protect other individuals' natural rights. That is not the Pakistan military's responsibility. The Pakistan military's responsibility is to sit on Pakistan's borders, aim its guns outwards, and shoot those trying to shoot at those residing in Pakistan. This should not be construed as meaning that immigrants should be shot. Immigrants are not shooting at those residing in Pakistan, they are trying to become other individuals residing within Pakistan, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I would be consenting to everything I listed above. I refuse to consent to that. I do not recognize any of their positions as legitimate. This is probably why I will continue to abstain from voting in the future. Even if there was a candidate I completely agreed with, his paycheck still comes from government robbery of individuals natural right to property via taxes. I will not consent to being robbed at gun point so someone else can earn a paycheck.

Finally, democracy does not make sense. There seems to be this assumption that democracy results in virtuous decisions. This is false. Democracy guarantees no virtue. Democracy is not constructed to guarantee any level of moral quality whether negative or positive. Democracy only guarantees agreement. Therefore, democracy is an incredibly poor decision making method. It is designed to make a decision, it is not designed to make the best decisions. I do not wish to participate in a faulty process, especially in one that is ultimately allowed to decide whether my natural rights will be protected or violated. Democracy only guarantees that one will be decided on, it does not guarantee that the best decision will be made, that it will be decided individuals' natural rights are to be protected.

I have tried to consider if there was ever an election I would participate in. Thus far, I think I may participate in an election if Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. were revived, Hitler was running for president, and the others were in his cabinet, and a liberal was running against them. I may consider voting for the liberal, to make sure I would not have an even more psychotic and vicious government. However, this, of course, will never happen. Furthermore, if it was happening, I may just decide to move. Additionally, this situation only changes the first premise. Now the candidates are dissimilar. However, I would still be consenting to the violation of my natural rights. I would just either consent to a whole bunch of them being violated, or just a few. Also, the decision is still being left up to majority rule. This decision is too damn important to leave it to majority rule, to democracy. The best decision must be made, not just any decision. Thus, if I am to participate in any future election, I must discover that I am mistaken. 

Obviously, that is a possibility, I acknowledge I could be completely and utterly wrong. Furthermore, I will admit I am wrong, if I discover how. 


  1. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong..

    You're not voting because the government and military suck and whoever gets elected gets paid by the government?

    Okay, what if I told you that the Pakistani military (i'm not saying that they don't kill immigrants or innocents) points its guns outside so that no one dares to attack us?

    And umm not every one in the government is corrupt. My dad, for one, is not. If he was, I would be able to go to university. But Alhamdullilah, he's honest. And there are five other people just like him. And if you read my blog, you'll see that there actually are people in other government services who are honest.

    Yes, the government and civil services are corrupt in general. But I don't hate every single officer serving there. There are countless junior officers whose families cannot survive without the extra money they get from that favoritism. Yeah, the senior officers are totally wrong in doing it, but the junior officers? I pity them. It's not their fault for whatever circumstances Allah places them in. It's a test for them and they do what they think is right. I'm not the one to judge on that-and here's where it relates to your blogpost-I don't think you are a person to judge on that either, and only Allah has the right to do that.

    My point is, dude, okay, don't vote. But don't hate the government. Yeah, they're corrupt, but without them, Pakistan will fall. Trust me, I've seen it first hand..

  2. I agree with your points buddy but I am not point out any particular person I am talking about the majority which everyone see on news channels everyday..!