Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ladies' Big Sunglasses

I am not one to talk or care about fashion, but someone needs to address the enormous alien-eye sunglasses that have become all the rage among females. They just seem to be getting larger and larger with each passing day. My cousin told me he saw a woman wearing a pair of these hip mistakes that was so large it was shading her hair. Glasses were not even this big in the '80's, and everyone knows how sickly the '80's fashion was. However, the modern female sunglasses are worse than the '80's fashion. They are graver fashion f aux pas than the dickey and the belt-less trench coat.

I actually think fashion involves morality; however, not like religious fundamentalists who think women should not wear clothes displaying much or any flesh. Those people would actually like these eye-burk-as. Of course, this is not to say I think it is moral for any-one to be scantily clad for all the public to behold. That is collectivizing sex. I believe that what one wears is directly linked to morality because one's clothing choice is a choice of how one wants to present himself. Furthermore, the way one wants to present himself is linked to how he values himself. For example, the scantily clad want to portray their sexuality, or more specifically their desire to engage is sex immediately. Now, I am not talking about performers, they dress that way for a show. They want to create a specific performance. I am also not talking about the infinitely scandalous short-skirts or short-shorts. I am speaking about the average man walking down the street in nothing but leather chaps. This man is trying to say to the world, "Let's have sex right now." He does not care who the other individual(s) is/are. He would have sex with a Nazi. The problem with this man is that he loathes his self. Consequently, he must rely on others to make him happy. That is why he displays his body so readily. He does not value anything about himself. Not even the most shallow level of his self, his physical appearance. Thus, he puts it forward for others to judge and make him feel good.

The same goes for these tinted fish-bowls over the eyes. Though they are certainly not scantily cladding the female, the send the same message - self loathing. The wearer, once again, does not value anything about her self. Not even the most shallow level - her physical appearance. Consequently, she places a black hole between her upper lip and hair line.

Obviously, there appears to be a conflict here. One person loathes his self, so he displays his body to the world, while another person loathes his self, so he shrouds his face from the world. However, they do both concern similar moral questions through different methods.

The scantily clad man does not value privacy. He does not value anything as his own, even his body, which he has always owned. One's body belongs only to the mind attached to the body; however, an individual may choose to share is body with other people. The scantily clad man, however, does not make any distinctions as to who gets to view his body. His body is for everyone, while the more modestly dressed man discriminates amongst people. There are people not worthy of being his friends; therefore, there are also people not worthy of seeing his body. Those that are not his friends may certainly not see his body, and even some of his friends may not see his body. Only those he selfishly values. Only those he thinks are the best may see his body, for he wants to be a virtuous man. Therefore, his body may be viewed by the most virtuous. Those that value the same standards as he. The scantily clad man draws no distinctions. He does not care for being virtuous. Therefore, he cannot be truly happy. The only way he can be happy is to depend on others. Thus, he turns to promiscuity. Anyone that can give him sexual pleasure is welcome to his body. Furthermore, this man seeks to have sex, while the first does not. The first man does not need sex. The first man can achieve his own happiness, while the second man depends on others. Therefore, the second man is not rationally selfish like the first man. The second man is absolutely or animally selfish. The dependence on others for sexual pleasure is only way he can be happy because he loathes himself, and he loathes himself because he is not concerned with virtue. The essential problem is the scantily clad man has no pride in his self.

The same is true for the shrouding man. However, he is not necessarily shrouding, but adding to his appearance. The person that wears the obese glasses is the person who wears excessive jewelry, has long nails, paints the nails extravagant colors, has ostentatious hair styles, and wears those ridiculously uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. The person also wears clothes with loud colors and schizophrenic patterns. This person is trying to distract the viewer from her appearance. As I stated before she loathes herself even on the most shallow level - her physical appearance. Therefore, she is not hiding herself, but trying to distract the viewer from her appearance. Depending how many additives she has, she probably also wants to have sex immediately like the scantily clad man. Except she uses shiny objects to draw people in. It is like dangling keys in front of a baby.

Of course, now there is the problem as to what is the correct way to dress if additives are wrong and subtractions are wrong. In order to determine how to dress, first one must be proud of himself. Obviously, I will not use this post to go through that entire process, but it begins with a concern for truth, which in turn is a concern for virtue. One then has standards one selfishly values, and he tries to live those standards. This then includes choosing friends and significant others' based on whether or not they selfishly value and live by the same standards. In turn, one will not depend on others for happiness. One will be able to achieve happiness himself. One will have pride in his self. Consequently, there is no desire to pursue promiscuity. If one has pride in his self, he does not desire to display his body to the masses for judgment. The man already knows he is virtuous. If one has pride in his self, he does not desire ostentatious additions to lure in others, while distracting them from what he looks like. He does not need to lure in others to judge him without actually seeing him. He already knows he is virtuous. Therefore, this man will dress in a way that satisfies his self. He will dress in such a way that he finds makes his physical appearance better. He will not surrender his entire body to naked judgment by the mob, for his body is his own and the ignorant vicious mob is not qualified to view it. He will also not ostentatiously cloud his appearance, for his body is his own. He may exercise and make some alterations to his body, so to improve his physical appearance; however, he will not block his physical appearance. He wants to improve who he is. He wants to improve his appearance so he likes it. He does not want to become a jewelry rack for objects that are not of his body.

However, some argue that the saucer glass actually do improve a female's appearance, for the accent the female's lips. Well of course they do because there is a black bar censoring her hair line to her upper lip. The only thing left to see is her lips. Personally, I like seeing the face. Not a tinted brown or a curved reflection of myself. The proud female would not wear such sunglasses. She would improve her face and eyes to her linking. She would not blot them out with a veil.

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  1. I really think sunglasses can improve a girls style, maybe not so much looks wise but if they fit with her dress style they can really draw attention to her.