Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love Facebook..:)

It all started almost three years ago when a friend of mine visited my place and I came across the very famous question 'Are you on Facebook?' for the very first time. I replied quite honestly as 'What on Earth is Facebook !' I was then showered with all the good things only Facebook could offer. It all sounded like a sales pitch but ultimately I was forced to create my Facebook account. It was all Greek to me at that time cause I was into all that scrapping stuff on orkut.

Minutes turned into hours and hours turned into days, time went on & on and I forgot that I even had an account on FB.

Just when the level of my curiosity reached its peak, I gathered all my courage and logged on to my Facebook page. I then texted some of my classmates and asked them for their Facebook ids. That's how I started adding friends.

Time rolled on once again and then something happened which accelerated my love for
Facebook like anything. I created a group for my classmates. Everyone joined that group which ultimately became our virtual playground. I started spending a substantial part of my day doing fun stuff on Facebook. These notifications, status updates, shared videos, comments, pics.. everything was making me go gaga over Facebook.

Well, I handed that group over to one of my classmates just when I felt that my studies were being neglected but my love for
Facebook didn't get hampered at all.

Next thing I knew was that I was spending hours and hours on
Facebook uploading pics, sharing links, commenting on posts and most of all.. playing FarmVille.

Facebook saved me from being a socially isolated bibliophile and I thank
Facebook for that. Thanks to all my friends for being there and tolerating my frequent status updates and commenting on them as well. Cheers !

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