Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rain is a blessing

Rain is a blessing for Karachiites, which is rarely bestowed.

Its a natural shower which doesn't only washes everything externally but gives everyone a spiritual clean up.

It washes away all the negativity in human mind and gives it a much needed dose of optimism which is reflected by the vast sky filled with beautiful clouds.

Rain makes everything look so gorgeously stunning. The clouds, droplets dwelling on the edges of leaves, exquisite patterns of clouds, unlimited colors formed in the sky with Sun in the background. Everything is a treat to human senses.

Specially the cold breezes of air which help us forget the hectic schedule of a day with scorching heat, the sound of droplets hitting the ground like countless diamonds falling on a surface of glass and the unique aroma of rain.

Rain makes me feel so alive and refreshes me in a way nothing else can do. 

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