Thursday, July 14, 2011

A regretful day of a CA student

'Where's this sweet sound coming from?' He thinks while being disturbed from a sweet dream. Half dreaming and half awake he starts looking for his cell phone like some blind man searching for a lost coin in the dark. He switches the alarm off as soon as he finds it and goes back to the world he was just forced out from. A short while passes and the disturbing sound starts again and as soon as his mind starts coming back to the real world, he thinks 'DAMN ! It was the second alarm which means its 6:00 am. Oh no ! its too late already. I had BCBS scheduled at 5:00.'

And then he jumps out of his bed, washes his face like he's having a war with that running water, gets his stuff and starts 'trying' to study. He's just done reading a single page when he realizes that its 7:00 am already.'DAMN ! I had a class at 8:00 today and I'm late already', He thinks. He changes his outfits if he manages to steal a bit of time, packs his books and stuff in that bag with the 'Academy Logo' on it and runs all the way to the bus stop. Waiting for the bus at the bus stop he utilizes his time planning his day and normally plans to cover a substantial part of his course in a span of 12 hours.

In the mean time the bus arrives and just like forever, its full. He somehow reaches his academy and gets to the class. The hardest thing for him to do in the class is to keep his eyes open and his senses working. Last 20-25 minutes of the class take forever to end and 'NOTHING MAKES HIM HAPPIER' than the moment the class ends. But good times are normally for just a short span. He tries to refresh himself in the time till the next class starts and the same thing goes on in the next class as well.

Just when he gets free from those classes filled with enchanted air which can make anyone sleepy, he heads towards the library with the intention of studying all what's left to study. He goes to the library and very much enthusiastically opens his books. Just when he's done with a couple of pages the enchanted air starts attacking his senses once again but he's reminded by the fear of ICAP that he's not allowed to have this luxury at all. He's not even studied 10% of what he actually planned when he finds out that the only resource he needed i.e. TIME is over !

On his way back home he regrets for all the things he shouldn't have traded his time for. 'Bloody Hell ! I didn't even complete the questions I was given as assignment', that's what he thinks while having his dinner. He takes out his books once again but everything seems so blurred this time, he tries his best to decipher what's written but all of a sudden it feels like he's got the worst kind of Dyslexia.When there's no other way left, he finally puts up the uncovered stuff for the next morning. That's how another regretful day ends but his mind keeps thinking, thinking and thinking....

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