Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Those who are the most financially successful have worked the hardest.


Big mansion, cars, property, brands, money...This is what is been considered as asset when actuating the financially rich people. But what comes behind this people is the regular endurance, the brains and the sweat behind to raise this majestic fame and name. 

Thus I strongly state that hard work becomes the priority when it comes to achieving the pinnacle. Hence I propose the topic by saying "Financial success can never be achieved without hard work" 

To support my statement I want to illustrate and e.g. of a sport persona like the cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi. Without his efforts and consistent hard work he would never have been on the apex position like he is today. He is acclaimed world wide for the efforts he put in! Thus with the hard work he can reach the acme position financially also.

Secondly I want to highlight the work of the Indian industrialist Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. Hadnt he work harder in his earlier days of like, he hadnt been such a big name in the country and thus he would be merely been acknowledged as son of a school teacher! 

Many would counter argument on the issue that the Ambani brothers received this wealth in inheritance. But arent the hard work necessary to sustain and grow the organization?? Yes the brothers were born with the silver spoon in there mouth but today even after there father sad dismissal the inherited wealth kept on growing and still after almost a decade Reliance Industry is one among the top industry in the world.

Thus, i want to conclude with an adage that, "Hard work encourages ordinary people to do extraordinary work"


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