Sunday, September 18, 2011


You often expect a lot from others when you stand on their expectations. They are close, close to what you never expect or you ever expected.

Expectations, that's what life is about.

  • A mother's from her very own creator.
  • A father's from his very own beginner.
  • A teacher's from it's very own learner.
  • A be-beloved's from it's very own lover.
  • A toddler's from it's very own leader.
  • A friend's from it's very own mirror.
From A-Z of our very own life, we consistently try, try to stand on what others expect from Us. And similarly expect from them too. Often what we end up with are bunch of expectations either not fulfilled by Us or by them.Life become darker and more darker. Some get over it and let it go  while others keep them deep inside and let it grow. Difference that counts is how it matter to them. What was the reason they never stood or weren't able to stood?
  • Was that the most beautiful creation?
  • Was that my fruit's fulfillment?
  • Was that our love's wish?
  • Was that my learner's talent?
  • Was that my best-est reflection?

With the fight of not expecting and expecting, we unintentionally neglect to their wishes and wants. May be it wouldn't be that darker if we had seen through their sight. May be we would have made it a better place.

A place where one understands other, where expectations are delayed or rephrased but never fall. Expect as much as you wish to but within the walls of not only you of the people you expect from. Do think but not your way, keep it aside and fit into their shoe and explore them. Life will be beautiful and more beautiful.

Nevertheless, it is they who make your life not only you. They are your life not you! : )


  1. Expect more but dont be upset if it didn't come to you, nice post very positive!

    Zero Dramas

  2. not easy to live as Buddha said. though we know expectations are the cause of all human suffering,we still cant escape it
    good post