Sunday, September 11, 2011

Live to work or work to live?

Who can tell me what’s the meaning of live? I am a little confused by my thoughts. I though for a while lonely. By the end I summary my own answer that is I work to afford my life and work will become my life.

I define my life is live to work before 35 years old. I am willing to devote all my time and efforts to work. In other words, I am working very hard for a visible promotion and long term professional career. I would like to earn more and more money in order to  afford my life and my family. Through hardworking, I’m able to meet my dream of material life, such as house, car, beautiful things and so on. The all what I’ve mentioned are a preparation for my future life. I believe the high quality life won’t be far under the firm financial support. As a member of young generation, I have no reason to stop fighting  for a better life. There is no doubt that hardworking is the most practical way to realize my dream. So I want to say that I will choose live to work as I’m young. 

On the contrary, I choose work to live without hesitation after 35 years old. At that time, I will pay main attention to my family and life. It’s time to spend a lot of time and energy to my kid and family. I will enjoy life, and spend more money for travel, party, sports, charity and something else. It’s time to enjoy to do what I want to do without financial pressure. During the period, work just occupies  a  small part in my life. I earn money by work and have fun form work. I enjoy work but not only rely on it for fun.  


  1. I dont know if my previous comment was gone but I just want to say your blog is awesome :) and thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. i work to afford my life - so true in most of our lives! after all no one has a money tree :)
    very nice post

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  3. Thanks and sure I will remove it..