Sunday, September 25, 2011

Understanding Life

If there is one truth about life, it is its unhindered and continuous change, for as long as the life remains.There have been a number of philosophers who've tried to describe life but no one's ever reached a consensus about it. According to some, life is the name of continuous happening, continuous involvement, continuous evolution... and all these phenomenon lead to one word, change.

I recently saw this movie called 'The Tree of Life' which also tried to describe the truth of life and I'll have to say the way the movie presented its concept was quite convincing. The movie gets you stunned by its visuals which were extraordinarily captured from all the ordinary things. And surprisingly, these are the ordinary things that confine the truth of life within them, ready to be explored, ready to be unearthed.

The movie covers a part of the life-span of a boy and depicts different phases of his life. How his parents are fascinated by his existence when he's born. How he grows up and takes his very first step. How he speaks his very first word. How he looks upto his parents in difficult scenarios which he does not understand. And ultimately, how he starts to understand things and starts detaching from his past, his parents.

There are so many things which I didn't understand at all but now things have started to fall in place. The reason behind this is nothing but the change and development brought by life.

Few years back a teacher, while making us read a sophisticated book, said, "These words are gonna remain the same, but they would mean different to you when you read them again in a few years". At that time, all I did as a response was make jest out of it but it was now that I realized that he was right.

Well, the movie just triggered a thought in my mind and I couldn't help writing it down. There's nothing I understand about life yet but I'm certain the change would continue... until the end.


  1. so truth!

  2. Hey thanks for the comment cookie..;)

  3. you know it is so true what your teacher said that some books will mean different things at different points in our life
    btw, which book was it? you didnt mention. 'sophisticated' makes it mysterious!