Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why? and I do repeat it again why?

It is always a wo-man to be questioned and accused for her doings, good or bad by the society but not a Man.

I see Father killing his daughter in the name of Honor killing, a husband abusing for giving birth to a daughter, disgraced if she can't give you a child, murdered if caught in a love endorsed relationship, tortured if claims for her rights, sexually beleaguered more of it is the most bitter part they too are sold for a lump sum count in one’s wealth to the man-eater world.

Why women just limited to the pride of his father, husband or family not because how nicely they did her education or how successful they are in life? But yes they will more proud when a society claims them moralistic and “pardaydar”.

An overview to what i mentioned above from the eye of our social happenings:
  • In a country that forbids women to display their hair or bodies, Iranian models  adapt glamorous profession modeling according to Islamic rules. However, despite the strict dress code and lower rates of pay as compared to their counterparts elsewhere, it is still a sought-after profession for Iranian girls. A lesson for Pakistani models. Are man permitted to display their body parts?
  • Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Model Hrishant Goswami were caught in action while getting cozy with each other where I notice many articles regarding Our male singers or artist on an international programs being kissed and hugged by every other fan coming to them.
  • A 17-year-old girl was abducted, raped and paraded naked around the streets of her village for refusing the advances of a local landlord.
  • Several clerics have issued fatwas against former Pakistani minister Sherry Rehman and declared her an infidel for calling for changes in the blasphemy law, prompting civil society activists to register a complaint with police in the port city of Karachi today.
  • The former husband of a 45-year-old woman tortured her and shaved her head and eyebrows at gunpoint, two years after their divorce in Larkana.
  • Two pregna­nt women were killed in Khanew­al and Vehari allege­dly by their husban­ds abette­d by their families.
  • No dowry, no bride, no wedding. New brides are expected to bring wealth into their in-laws' homes - a shocking and disgusting ritual.
  • Mother of two enrolls in class one. 25-year-old Asma says she always wanted to attend school but her parents had forbid­den it.
  • Not brought up strongly and ethically, mother's fault as the father was busy making money.
  • The group of armed men stormed into the house of MS, a peasant who works for landlord Manzar Ali Jatoi.
  • Dozens of police officials have been booked on charges of rape and other human rights violations of a serious nature during the last three years as the country is confronting unabated deterioration in the law and order situation.

There is a big clutter of such stories in our daily newspaper and TV headlines but yet they are actively increasing day to day. Why? Do you have a clue to it? Why is our nation getting desperate to such doings? Dark ages but what is so indifferent, Today. I see nothing is.

It isn't that our mothers aren't a woman by gender, or our sisters can be a victim too. If we are responsible for their security why aren't we for every other woman around Us.

Why do we harass or misuse their presence?


  1. a very moving post.
    can we really have a society where this doesn't happen? ever?
    i wish i hope

  2. Great post!
    Women have always been considered as the weaker sex, and come what may, they are never given an equal status in the family!
    I think you should watch the movie 'bol'. It's a must watch though it is a little slow!
    It's disgusting how the father's themselves can't accept their daughters! I mean, it's their chromosomes that are responsible for the child's sex!
    It sucks how low humans can get.
    I loved the post :) Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Sujatha and PhilO for appreciating my post..:)

  4. Today That Sherry Rehman was appointed As U.S.A.Ambassor.

  5. Islamabad:Pakistan People's Party Leader And Former Minister.Sherry Rehman,has been Appointed as Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Of America.
    What Is all about top secret about her life.
    Several clerics have issued fatwas against former Pakistani minister Sherry Rehman and declared her an infidel for calling for changes in the blasphemy law.