Sunday, October 23, 2011

Balmy Day

Today is a bright day. When I woke up, the blazing sun lights nearly blinded my eyes. Out of instinctive reaction to strong rays, I immediately covered the quilt over my face. It took me a long while to adjust my eyes to a new day. Having washed my face and tidied myself up, I went into the kitchen with the purpose of finding something delicious to eat, but in vain. Disappointed, I was about to nag at my poor mother who was still in bed, when an idea struck me. Why don’t I go to People’s Park and breathe the fresh summer air? that is really a good idea foe me..

The morning breeze carried with it the scent of fresh dirt into my nostrils.I felt I were at the top of the cloud, everything in my sight seeming new to me. The leaves of plane trees were glowing in the morning sun, through whose opening the rays penetrated and fell on my shoulders, my head and face, making me narrow my eyes, smiling. Every few hundred meters, there was a cleaner, dressed in bright orange, cleaning the cypress road. A few miles from the park, I noticed a funny scene. An aged male cleaner was riding his open-tricycle, while his lovely dog running after him as fast as it could. I guess he must have finished his work, for he was singing happily as he cycled along. It dawned on me that happiness belongs to everybody, whether he be rich or poor, noble or humble.

The park was already a sea of people before I arrived. Since the park was rebuilt and open to the public, it has served as a morning practice center. The people can be categorized by the clubs they joined in. A group of gray-haired men were playing Taijiquan, many middle-aged women with fans or colorful ribbons in hand were doing yangge, I went though a small grove and crowds of people to the lake side. The water is blue and green with patches of willow catkins floating over. Running water is never stale. How could we expect the water to be clear since it’s a man-made lake? I squatted down and observed the water carefully. There should be tiny tadpoles swimming about! They were just like black commas in my primary textbooks. It’s hard to imagine they are babies of frogs. With a well-preserved childlike innocence, I got down on my knees, pushed up my sleeves, reaching my hand for the tadpoles. However, they were too smart to catch. As soon as I thrust my hand into water, they immediately disappeared into the depth of the lake. Behind came a storm of laughter, A few old men were exchanging of conventional greetings.  I stood up immediately and patted the dirt off my trousers. The sun was already in the half sky. I quickened my steps and headed for home. Wish my life filled with sunshine every day. 


  1. people's park - that's a rather nice name for a park which is for people anyways

    wish you sunshine everyday . touchwood. :)