Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Love You Mom

Oh I am so thankful to you to grant me with this life. I know i had been disrespectful to you. Often annoying, itchy and a bad son. I am really sorry for that as now when i have realized that each and every drop of blood in me filled of your pampering love, ultimate caring  and reckless days and nights..Thanks to accept me as a part of your own and give me my own existence .. I know am not that thankful to you always .. I know I have been very awfully hurting you with my so-called "Independence key". I know i had been complaining for your anger on my stupid mistakes .. But Mum you are my Gem and Lady Madonna .. I love You .. and will always..  

I remember that long soothing massage for healthy and strong bones .. Said truly " A mother is always a Blessing to her child "

I am lucky to have you mom.. As realization comes later your presence was always felt deep in my heart but today when I see people around crying out for cruelty of their owners, weeping off the absence of their blessing Your make me feel special and the luckiest one to be born on this Earth!


  1. Beautifully Written, very touching. We must take care of our moms as they took care of us when we were not able to do anything.
    Most adorable creature on earth.

  2. Absolutely mom is a gift from GOD and we all have to take care of our moms .

  3. no comparison with mom.
    God giftd us a mrvls gft, thanks my Almighty Allah.