Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie Time: Breaking Dawn

I think a lot of you have seen the movie already or maybe are going to see it soon, so I won't be telling the plot of the story. Just my opinion of the movie.

Of course I liked the movie! The Twilight movies always have a good story (and fantasy) and I'm a big fan of them. This movie even convinced me to read all the books. A friend of mine has all the books and I am going to borrow them. I've already read Eclips and saw the movie. I can honestly say that a book tells you so much more than a movie can. You see that in Breaking Dawn too. They skip a lot in the movies, that is actually a part of the story. But I still like the movie!

Breaking Dawn is about Bella and a vampire Edward. They become wife and husband in the movie. Later Bella gets pregnant from him. The baby is not completely human and grows very fast. It will kill her if they don't find a solution for it. You can watch a trailer on youtube if you want to know more, because I don't want to tell too much about it. If you have seen the movie, please tell me what you think of it, because I like to read your opinions as well (and comment on them?)!

The sad thing is that the movie was split up in two parts and that means we have to wait for more. On the other hand, when you watch it back later you can watch more movies. Actually it's a kind of sad that there is only one movie, before it all ends.  :(


  1. i watched it two times already in the theater!! just loved it...esp the 1st half!!!

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  3. I love vampire fiction so obviously I have loved all the Twilight movies including the latest one :)
    I have also read all the books of this series and they are definitely much more detailed but them I am not complaining :)

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    Love your blog..
    I'm in looove with Edward!xa xa..
    I'm so happy for this movie...

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    Kisses :)

  5. GREAT POST :D ! I can't wait to go see this movie, I read the book and really liked it.

    Great blog by the way !

    Following you, follow me back ?


  6. I love jacob :D
    I prefer the books rather than the movies though :)

  7. i watched it but what exitement i felt in the first one missing with its later counterparts.......even though visuals are awesome!!

  8. ai! I went to see the latest the other day and loved it!
    made me feel sad, happy, curious .... haha

  9. I want to see it too! Bella looks amazing in her weddingdress :) ♥

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