Sunday, January 15, 2012


  • Log in…log out…log in….like like….peek……poke…comment….log out…log in...and the vicious cycle goes on and on….
  • Log in specially to update their status.....which mostly contains song lyrics, videos or weather updates ! (like all others live underground ! )
  • Paste everything that pops in their minds on facebook (facebook seriously should have a censor-board ! )
  • Awwwwww Dp <3 <3 <3 muahhh !!!
  • Thnxxxxxx <3 ! (err..nevermind )
  • Actively run/participate in a group/page and if they are made the admin their happiness knows no bounds!
  • Change their DP every other day ! Or maybe twice or thrice a day !

  • Upload albums obligatorily!
  • Comment and re -comment and comment yet again when there is a thing called chat box in facebook !
  • Chatting and chatting with each other even if they meet daily !
  • Know only the basic stuff on facebook but do not know how to use the computer let alone internet !
  • Add every other person they know even just by name or workplace.
  • Add people just to peek on their wall, pics and activites and then gossip about them.
  • Change their relationship statuses regularly.
  • Tag people in stupid pics and when they themselves are tagged they are highly gratified.

  • Send irritating game requests and then keep on sending them again till you become a neighborhood farmer, mayor or whatever !!
  • Like every other like.
  • Have 200+ so-called friends
  • Ruin eng jst 2 luk kewl. o yea yeh got meh !
  • Bro saying hi to sis on her wall! when she is sitting on just the other side of his room wall !
  • The oxygen of their comments is emotions and if you are not that perky, man you are in trouble because they are going to get you wrong !



  1. thanks a lot for you comment on my blog!
    :) I would be very happy if you would become a follower ;)

    all the best!
    xx mila

  2. Warum Englsh? Anyways, thats one of the nicest thing i've ever heard! Thanks! <3

  3. exactly my point!!!! ppl actually seemed to turn into i am doing i am doing that blah blah blah. My life was so much better before i joined fb. excellent blog..3 cherrs for u:)

  4. bahahaha you are totally right! i know what you mean about people posting their life stories on facebook! its like 'no we dont want to know that your boyfriend cheated on you with a stripper'..

    great blog!! now following =)