Friday, May 27, 2011

Music is my lifeline

Could that story about 'The Pied Piper' luring all the rats out of the city on the tune of his pipe ever be true?

Well, I think yes.

Music can be so magical, a person only realizes it when he feels it. Its not like it takes you on a whole new magical journey, but it does bring a slight variation in your mood which might sometimes go unnoticed. It can make you happy when you're sad or it can open the doors of grief while you're in a perfectly normal mood. It can even scare you sometimes.

As soon as those sound waves touch your ears, a frenzy begins. It all depends upon how you let the music take control of your emotions. If you resist it, you'll never be able to observe its enchantment.

New genres of music have been popping up every other day, which is quite exciting. Exploring new music has no limits, there are unlimited artists from different corners of world who have been creating some awesome music everyday.

'What sort of music do I like?' is quite a difficult question, which might require an exhaustively comprehensive answer.

Lets put it this way, the music I like is spread over a HUGE range.

Like, I like music from 'Yesterday by The Beatles' to 'Tik tok by Kesha'.

Or, I like music from 'Speed of sound by Coldplay' to '7 things by Miley Cyrus' (Wait ! Miley Cyrus ! I know I need to see a shrink.)

I don't follow any specific era or genre of music, may be cause I haven't restricted my mind yet. If a tune makes me feel good, that's enough justification for it to be on my playlist. I never force myself to get stuck in just one era. And those who are stuck, seem to be buried deep down beneath the foundation of a glitzy and full-of-life buiding. C'mon, explore it people !

There are some songs which I hold on to for years (like 'I'm with you by Avril Lavigne') and there are some songs which I go gaga for, but that's just for a couple of days (mostly Indian songs).

Music indeed is my life line or its my last resort. Whenever I want to be lonely in a crowded room, all I do is I get those earphones fixed in my ears and turn the full volume on. So music is also a savior, as it saves me from unwanted socializing.

Well, there is music which renders no one unaffected (almost), like 'Hey there Delilah by Plain While T's'. I was so inspired that I once tried to record that song in my voice, and ultimate result was a disaster.

Whatever the consequences, my love for music will never get hampered.

Have fun listening to your favorite music. Cheers !


  1. From Beatles to Kesha ? You have such an incoherent taste in Music,just like me:P
    Anyhow,I'm thankful you didn't mention the Phallus less guay singer,Justin.:D

  2. Lol, I'm the same. One minute I'm rocking out to the Sex Pistols, next minute I'm singing along to Miley. (i know. we both need shrinks, haha)

    great post!