Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Mystery !

Some say its life, while others say its waste of time.
Some say its the basis for human existence, while others say it doesn't even exist.
Its got a history of its own. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet set a fundamental example for it and its strings have now been stretched to unlimited stories.
Everyone talks about it but still doubts its existence.
Every song, every movie, every book features a bit of it and most of the times is based on it.

Somehow we're all influenced by its examples at some part of our lives. Movies like 'A walk to remember' touch the very core of our pure emotions. Books like 'Twilight' take us to a whole new level where normality can't reach. Yet we don't believe in its significance.

Some spend their whole lives trying to decipher its complexity while for some its just a matter of a single moment to understand it in its entirety.

What actually is it? It was, is and will remain a mystery.

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