Monday, July 4, 2011

Lost the game, Won the hearts

I’m going to punch every single person who says India deserved to win. Shut the hell up. We deserved to win. Do you get that? You should. Afridi and his team deserved to win. They were the only team in the tournament that played with their hearts.

I’ve never been a cricket fan. The part of me that loved cricket died somewhere sometime. This World Cup and the team green restored the faith in me again. Moreover, I fell in love with the captain. How can you not respect a captain who says sorry to his nation infront of millions of people. He lost the game but won the hearts of the entire nation.

Heartbreaking. Get up, Lala. Look, the world LOVES you, regardless. *hugs*

It was because of Lala, our national anthem was played on the land of India. How often does THAT happen? Damnit, its big. Its HUGE. How can you not love a man who made it possible?

It’s hurting. And it’s hurting A LOT that we didn’t win. I have a broken heart and I don’t know how to make everything right. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when its all over. But that cant happen right? We will never get over this. Never. Atleast I will never.

I want to go and hug each one of the man in green for making us so proud. Its because of them the whole nation today stands together as ONE. Afridi shouldn’t be the one apologizing, we should be the one thanking this man for all his efforts and heart he’s put in the game.

How many times in a year do you see people wearing green tee shirts? I swear, I saw a pathan (no offence to anyone) wearing a bright green shalwar kurta on Wednesday. This doesn’t happen often, and this is the kind of unity we need at the moment. Thankyou boys, you recreated a nation, that’s more than a cup for us.

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