Sunday, August 21, 2011

The easiest way to maintain the smile on your face


Smile is a thing that will for sure be returned to you by the person who receives it.It's the best way to brighten up anyone's day{even the ones who have issues with}.Many times while speaking to people they question me so as to how i keep smiling at people who hate me.lolzzz.

Well, I just smile and ignore the question maybe because i never knew the answer myself but i guess its time i reveal the secret that always lay in my heart. As a really small kid my mother always told me bed time stories and about the fairies who always forgave the "BAD" witches....:P... The fact whether you believe or not is that the more you forgive people the more happy you stay.I know that sounds like totally awkward but its true.

Forgiving isn't easy but when you really learn the art of forgiving you'll realize you are happier than ever. Its a fact that many people realize early in life and some people take forever to realize it but everyone does realize it.

The question now arises is that how do you forgive a person who has cheated on you, ditched you, bitched about you or hurt you in any way or how can you forgive your bf or gf whom you loved wit your whole heart and they turned out to be proper jerks.The answer lies in your own thoughts.Think about a time when you too have been mean to someone and everyone at some point as has been guilty of doing something that may have hurt another person. You may not have hurt that person in the same way but remember this earth is round and nothing can fall off it. And what goes around will surely come back  to  bite you.

Once u realize this you'll realize it's best to forgive  the person who hurt you because the earliest who forgive that person the earlier you will be able to overcome that pain.

My life has also been full of ups and downs but what still keeps me going is that deep in my heart i know that the person who hurt me will realize it sooner or la8r and feel guilty.

And one fact you always need to remember is that no matter what, a person cannot live with guilt and when a person realizes you forgave him or her for what they did they just feel more guilty so u see its a 2 sided win.I  hope you realize the beauty of forgiveness and learn it as soon as you can..

"Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, The weak can never forgive"

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  1. i also feel so. i have started it. all of u also do. its effective.