Monday, September 5, 2011


What  love is? I wondered.Love is a forever theme in literary world.It seemed that their love stories were  heartrending but beautiful.Can that be true in real life? But I heard so many men betrayed their families.So did my friends.In my opinion,man is a symbol of uncertainty and isn’t worth being trust.I don’t believe in love,even though I haven’t experienced it yet.Who can tell me what love is?Can love be eternal?
If you are in bad mood,and have the grey feelings,what will you do?how can you get rid of it? today,one of my best friends sent a message to me ,said: hei,i am sad now.i asked,why?what happened? she could not tell anything at first and then told me about her BF.and unfortunately,i was unhappy either at that time,I did not know what should i do,but i had to comfort her.. 

Sometimes,it is very hard to make a decision,but we have to be up against it ,for me,It is not worthy to be upset for the one who is not worth for my love yes hope is everywhere. If you just lost it, find it somewhere else. There will be a day in the future that you find yourself reaching the line as well as others.It doesn't have to be based on how well your previous job is done but just a belief, a firm belief that you will make it.Even thought it’s a belief, it works out well.

I trusted myself and every trouble disappeared. So everyone, trust yourself.Tell yourelf that Everything is going to be fine I am here once again, leaving this note to everyone, only to tell people including me that try to image hope as a star. When you someday can’t see it up in the sky at night, try another night.There will always be one time when you find it and get it.

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