Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love And Cooking

Other men live to eat, while I eat to live, said Socrates the sage. This utterance may have offended many people as he pointed out part of the truth of their life. Nevertheless, nobody will deny the importance of eating, for the sake of “living” at least. Hence, cooking becomes an essential part of life.LOVE Cooking involves a series of complicated procedures, challenging both hand and head. I don’t see cooking as a bad job. Cooking, for the preliminary purpose, is to feed empty stomach's, and for a higher grade, enjoyment.

Cooking itself is enjoyment too. Take me for example. I find a lot of pleasure in the preparatory process of cooking. Slice a potato, knife up and down quickly, producing a rhythmic piece of music, if not melodious. This done, I would jokingly apologize to my sister, “sorry honey. I sliced them too thin again.” And then, we’ll laugh heartedly.

Some people believe that cooking, traditionally taken by women, is nowadays undertaken by men. That’s true. In many families, it is the husband that cooks, and he does wonderful cooking too. Some women, a lot actually, pampered from childhood, know little about housework, never touch cooking, or step into the kitchen.  

Cooking, same with other human activities, can be interesting at the first try, but boring repeated day in and day out. It would be ideal when a couple cook together. When  they are at home,  they would cook together. Usually, wife prepare for cooking, cutting, skinning, slicing, etc, which he is not good at. And then, he takes real cooking, fume and strong smell of which she dislike. Afterwards, she wash dishes, and he, waiting till I have wiped all clean and dry, puts them one by one back into the cupboard. Work seems boring but connecting, the joy of which only those involved in know.

“Love is unconditional and unselfish”. If you do love a girl you’ll not hesitate to cook for her. You’ll be willing to do something even boring like cooking for your beloved.


  1. “Love is unconditional and unselfish”.
    I totally agree with you.
    I have post on both topics on my blog too. Cooking and love and I see we share the same views =p

  2. hey hamza thanks buddy..I will surely see your post too..:)

  3. haha i would definitely like my husband to cook for me!! i think most women feel happy when their man cooks for them. it is a gesture of love
    nice post. hope this encourages more & more men to turn to cooking :)