Sunday, January 29, 2012

You are the only one

You are the only one for whom i desire,
You are the only one whom i deserve the most,
You are the only one who care,
You are the one with i make a best pair.

You are the only one who bear,
The one with whom i can easily share,
With whom i feel i can walk on air.

You have a art to make me smile,
You are one with whom i feel living a life is worthwhile.
You understand all my emotions,
With whom i feel i can cross millions of oceans.

You make out all my expression,
Solve my every question,
You promise to hold my hand forever,
You are the who say "i cant live without you never ever".

You are different from crowd,
This is what which always make me feel proud,
You have the best heart,
And winning it is one among your finniest art.


  1. Lovely blog.

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  3. I love this! its so so cute!!

  4. Wow dats an great poet had great thoughts for my love one ....

  5. Very cute!!