Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love or Arrange?

Love it in a way that you get it perfectly arranged!!! Or Arrange it should be an arranged in a manner that the relation gets perfectly loved!!!

Whether love or arrange ,the terminal to be reached is to have marriage and not only for the sake of a social custom but must be meant and lived in actual sense then.It is we who define it in different words,color it in different abstracts,portray it in different shapes and carve it in our own ways else it embraces a very sweet meaning i-e happiness.If it is a love marriage than it should not be only a mere premarital infatuation that lasts after a few post marital months:)It should then be loved in a way that the actual depths of the relation are  taken to the levels of eternity and sinctuality with an essence of love and care and fragrance of warmth ,loyalty and affection.

The word Marriage itself if peeped into thoroughly reveals a great charisma,affection and care which needs to be practically applied and lived these days.Love !! If this is how you define your marriage than love it to the level where compromisation,understanding,affection must be persistent throughout making it a bond that is divine closure of two souls,minds and hearts that work always in collaboration with each other. 

Arrange!! If this is your type of marriage than arrangement must be to the peaks where the best arrangements of affairs happen persistently among both families without any discriminating factors,without any superiority/inferiority complexes that pose the greatest hurdles between two extremes and there must be no trait and materialistic dominance too.

It is a beautiful relation that must be resistant to an extent that must be soft between two souls but strong enough that no foreign particles outside elements can penetrate its depths for any damage,no environmental features can affect the longevity or durability of its bondage , no words not even swords could influence it in any negative manner.

So Love or Arrange???

Still thinking???? :))

The formula is as follows!!!!

LOVE+ ARRANGE =  LO + VE  + ARRANGE  ( the best possible relation for our selves)

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