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Wedding reception centerpiece ideas

Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Innovative, gorgeous, sophisticated and creative wedding reception centerpiece ideas are basically the ideas which depict the mood, atmosphere and nature of the occasion. Some people like to hire professional designers and florists for this purpose and some like do on their own. By doing their own selves gave much satisfaction and pleasure.
Before brainstorming about wedding reception centerpiece ideas let us just make clear few things in our mind, which are:
  • Your plan is must be easy going and stress free, make sure all the stuff is available when you    working on it
  • Will the wedding be in traditional, cultural, modern or religious way
  • Size of sitting area
  • The placing and shape of tables
  • Size of arrangement, width and length because people will want to talk with each other across the table so they have complete vision
  • The Personality of bride and groom, their traditions, age and personalities
  • The season, when wedding will be take place for example if it is summer(in which mostly weddings take place because of shinning days and availability of various species of flowers), cool and pastel colors will really look nice and in winter bright color really warm up the party, fresh arrangements will be preposterous in spring and fresh colors look great in fall
  • Do not make big arrangement it will give feeling of being congested and overcrowded
  • Containers are very important object! You can use different vases or plates too, but it must be according to your theme, you can make centerpiece in the combination of different vases, flat plates and trays
  • Add fancy looking chocolates, this will give nice and romantic touch
  • You can also add freshly available fruits by cutting into pieces or not. Citrus fruit are preferable because of their fresh fragrance
  • Let your imagination go wild, use fresh vegetable like asparagus, artichoke and green beans etc
  • Fresh and dry both arrangements will work, fresh roses with Scattering petals give a very romantic and elegant touch and completely or partially dried arrangements also works
  • Sea shells and artificial pearl give nice, elegant touch in pool side wedding 
  • In tropical wedding use bananas, pineapples, and coconut with wild tropical flowers
  • You can use balloons with different color combination
  • Glass object like bowls or other sophisticated and stylish objects specially with candles, ribbons, napkins and silk pieces can be use for classy and stylish touch 
  • There are many ready made decorative objects are available in market, like unique fillers, such as colorful water, glass marbles, heart shaped candies, coffee beans, or sand. you can also search the Wholesale market such as artificial flowers and other fancy things which will make the task more convenient    
  • Upcoming events can be your advantage like little Santa will look nice when Christmas
  •  Add some fragrant objects, like floating fragrant candles in bowl
  • Some designer like to add wine bottle
  • Using branches, bamboo, long grasses, and different sizes of pine-cones make presentation eye soothing and more interesting  
Principles to arrange the wedding reception centerpiece
Design or arrange the wedding reception centerpiece is an Art! And it has some basic principals which are:

The Design:
It is the structural pattern of the arrangement. It resolute by the location, occasion and the materials you choose.

It is focused on symmetrical balance by keeping the things in mind about the colors, size and different shapes of all the objects and materials.

Space: Size of the arrangement with combination of different objects.

Rhythm: A very eye catchy flow of design.

Harmony: The appropriate use of all the colors, material and resources in wedding reception centerpiece and also in whole area.

Flowers for wedding reception centerpiece:
Flowers are like ambassador of the occasion. Flowers have their own language to express the feeling of the occasion. You can choose flowers according to the spirit of the party. For example

Daisy and Carnations mostly used in somehow the sad way

Lily is a symbol of purity and related with maiden goddesses, in the Catholic tradition, it is also related   with the Virgin Mary

·           Lily of the Valley, In Irish folk law, these flowers are Symbols of ladders climbed by fairies 

·          Red Carnation portrays Intense love

·          Red Chrysanthemums depict "I desire you"

·          Lavender says  "I love you too"

·          Red Rose  all embracing love

·          Wallflower describe Consistency ,"my love will be strong in good times and bad"

Different decoration styles
Select a theme like English, Chinese or Japanese
·          Akabana
·          Japanese Bonsai art
·          Chinese flower vase
·          Classic and modern styles
·          Fairy tale presentation
·          Indian and other Asian region styles

Now with the help of this article, you have lot of ideas about how to design your or any other beloved’s wedding centerpiece. We wish all the joy, fun and happiness on this lovely occasion.


  1. great post very innovative ideas. In my family mostly we hire a wedding planner but i think doing the decor yourself is great fun. I have some wedding invitations and i am always the person who gets the decor part so i hope that yr tips might help me there.thx fr the tips : )

  2. Hey nice to hear from you thanks for appreciating my post dear.

  3. that tree centerpiece.. how did you do that? I would like to do that for my wedding. Tips would be appreciated.