Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I dream of you and me, inside a pond. We had learned to breathe underwater as we stood together in the bottom. It was blue, moist and chilly as water touched and caressed our skins.

I looked up and saw the sun shining upon the surface, with wavelets sparkling as if someone had spilled some floating diamonds on that pond.

There were a million tiny fish swimming around us, making us smile as they would run into us randomly, rubbing against our skin, tickling us. There were colors everywhere; green, yellow, orange, red, all covered in blue.

I could see your face, shinning like a fabulous being, glowing as sunlight kissed your skin, and you smiled. I held your hand and we both swam to the surface. I could feel the water getting warmer gradually as we ascended.

Blue sky, shinning sun, sea gulls were singing to the rhythm of the wind and beat of the waves. Perfect day it was. And you were mine.

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