Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things you MIGHT hate about me

The ‘K’ factor:
So yeah, I don’t really know how to reply to your ‘k’ text. We’re in a middle of a great conversation and when I get a freaking’ ‘K’ from you. DO NOT expect my text back. K?

Importance of Emotions:
Emoticons like ‘:)’ ‘:(‘ ‘:P’ ‘:D’ ‘<3’ ‘:S’ and ‘:/’ are very very and I say VERY important to me. You gotta talk to me? Tolerate me with MY emotions, emoticons, I mean.

Severe mood swings:
If one day I’m the nicest person to you on the face of this planet and shout the shit out of you the other day, you’re a victim of my dangerous mood disaster, deal with it. Will you? Please? Thank you.

My obsession with kids might get you to hate me, yeah. I totally adore babies. I can’t just resist myself when I see a baby anywhere. I just HAVE to run up to them to pull those delicious cheeks. =D

My ‘kinda’ music, oh yeah:
Hate me for listening to ‘teenage dream’ on repeat for 3 days straight. Or singing ‘Sheila ki jawaani’ on top of my lungs at the most random times. My music changes with my mood, I dance to Enrique, sing along with Sonu nigam, cry to Rahat’s Teri yaad saath hai, scream my throat out to Noori, hum along with Shreya Goshal and so on. All I want in life is GOOD MUSIC, anything else can just go to hell.

Love for Camera:
The camera travels with me every single place I visit. There has to be a picture of every single thing, every single event, and every single occasion. Because it has been said, you can never have too many pictures. Oh, what’s that?! *must click one picture*, wow, that’s a treat to my eyes *click*.

Sense of humor:
I don’t blame you, I, sometimes, hate myself for my abrupt sense of humor. I make a joke like that and realize oh man, what the hell did I just say. I’m cool as long as people end up laughing at it and if not, then dayyummm, I can’t really do anything about it.

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