Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Relationship

Almost all the people think that the internet relationship is unrealistic. They think that it’s impossible for them to have feeling for each other since they haven’t met each other or got together with each other. However, when the other day I discussed this topic with my friend, we both think that the internet relationship can be real, sincere and forever. It has nothing different from other relationships in the reality. Of course, the basic of this relationship is that we don’t have any evil purpose to each other or anything deceive.

Because of the dream of being postgraduate, I met some friends online. For the same dream, we chatted happily. In my opinion, they have nothing different from other friends I meet in reality. I treat them good, sincere and real. I never enclose any information about me. I show a real myself before them, even more real in the reality. Because of the distance, you often can discuss the topic which can touch your heart. Moreover, there is always something same deep in our heart or in the pursuit of soul. Therefore, it’s easy for us to get along with each other well. In my experience, nobody deceive me on purpose.

We have feeling for each other because we know each other. We know each other because we communicate. Chatting on Facebook or chatting by messages or chatting on phone is only a kind of the way of communication in this modern society. In reality, we often fall in love with someone at the sight we see her, especially in the adolescence period. At that time, it’s common that we fall in love with some boy or girl deep in heart even though we never talk to each other. Comparing these two kinds of emotion, I think the cyber love is more reliant and more real. In the latter one, we love just because of his appearance or a kind of imagination inner your heart. You know nothing about him or her. It’s often said that if you have chance to talk with her or get together with her, you will feel disappointing and then you will lose those ever feeling. In contrast, you fall in cyber love because you know something deep in her character, and you are crush to this kind of character.

Because of the aim of post graduation exam, I met her online. We ever chatted a lot. I always have a good feeling for her. And gradually we became a lover. If considering it as a true love, this is my first love, my first love happening between two persons. However, when meet each other face to face, we must end our relationship. But I never think the failure of our relationship is because it’s a cyber love. In fact, it has nothing to do with its kind. If we are a lover met in reality, we also have to end our relationship, because he offends the authentic essence of the love royalty and sincerity.

The society is filled up with rushing persons and rushing materials. You can know someone only by a click of the key, and it’s probable that he or she disappears one second later. Even in our daily reality life, It’s common that people run to a city to another. It’s difficult for us to get together with each other for a long time and know each other deeply. Chatting online or by phone are our important tool of communication. Therefore, just take cyber relationship ease.

The essence of a authentic friendship or love is sincerity, commonness, and respect. Keep this belief in out mind, we will get authentic eternal valuable friendship and love, no matter when, where, how we meet and know each other.


  1. i know a few who met online & married. guess it works for some, doesn't work for many

  2. I have met a person online, and then we had a relationship - from personal experience, I will never date online anymore. I prefer real life.


  3. I had a distance relationship... Didn't work for me. In the beginning it was fun and exiting, but then it became exhausting. People say "away from the eyes = away from the heart".


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