Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A dream I had of you

The waves lashed the rocks, bringing along cool breezes of moist air. Sun felt like a dim circle circle of light hidden behind a screen of clouds. I was almost lost in all this amazing phenomena when I looked at my left and forgot about my existence, forgot everything I had been beholding just moments ago.

What made me forget everything were your eyes, I felt like I had found a whole new world, a world where I could live my whole life in just one moment, a world where I would like to stay in forever and even after forever.

I saw a slight movement of your lips, like you wanted to say something, to say all the words that were once left unsaid. You then changed your mind and looked away at the waves which seemed quite furious at the rocks. We kept staring at the water until Sun started sinking into the West.

I felt your hand on my hand and you looked into my eyes but this time I couldn't reach the depth of the infinity in your eyes which were now guarded by shields of tears. I felt a sudden rush inside my soul to do whatever it takes to stop those tears and to never let them reach your eyes again.

I asked,'What's making you so sad?'

You kept looking into my eyes and then said,'The time has come when we go back to the world where we are still unknown to each other.'

Just the moment you said that, everything started to turn dark, everything disappeared and I woke up to find out that it actually was me who had tears in his eyes and.. It was just another dream I had of you !