Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life Goes On

It's been a while hasn't it? Since you took a walk to nowhere in the middle of the night? Since you walked out instead of run under the shades when it starts to drizzle? Since you got high on candy and a day of boardgames or cards?

Yeah it kind of has. It has been long since you read a mail, leave apart a letter, longer still since you bought an original record and even longer since you surprised someone just to see them smile, since you put someone else before yourself. Somewhere between all the forms of communication and making this world a smaller place, we actually made the distance grow more.. We've grown distant.

I look at your facebook profile now to know what you're upto, who you hang with and what is the latest band you listened to. I enlarge your profile picture and stare at it when I need to see your face and try and interpret your status in not one way but a million till I find one that I feel comes closest to my interpretation of you. I write you mails and then save them in my drafts for let's face it, who has the time to read long sappy emails these days, lesser still to reply to them and pathetic as this sounds, I like my mails being replied to.

We've come so far and yet I feel not much has been achieved. There's so much more to be done but there's something that still stops me, holds me back. If moving forward means not needing your people anymore, I disagree. If being strong implies you have to suffocate and drown out what you feel deep down, I beg to differ.

Maybe in another lifetime I can be like one of you - a machine - but for this one, I'm only human. Not by default, by choice.


  1. thank you dear:) nice pictures!

  2. I'm following you dear!!!

    kiss, kiss


  3. hey thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Sure I'd love to follower each other ^^

    Love from your new follower Emi

  4. It's a great picture. Shit happens but life goes on.

  5. I hope you don't mind but I'm using this picture for a school project. The life goes on one. It's a really cool picture.

  6. i love the pictures on this post :)